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Peripheral Vascular Specialists

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The Peripheral Vascular System consists of the arteries, veins, and capillaries which carry blood throughout the body... to and from the heart.  

  • The arteries carry nutrient and oxygen-rich blood to the organs and cells
  • The veins carry oxygen-depleted blood and wastes through the kidneys, liver, and lungs, to filter out waste and re-oxygenate the blood
  • The arteries, veins, and tissues of the body are connected by the capillaries, small weblike vessels that distribute fresh blood from the arteries to the body and collect depleted blood back into veins.

As our cardiologists help patients maintain healthy hearts, monitoring and maintaining the Peripheral Vascular System is an integral part of any heart-healthy plan.  Peripheral Vascular Disease is common, affecting over 5% of adults over the age of 50.  Half of these patients do not experience symptoms, which can be very dangerous, as the disease can worsen significantly while going unnoticed, potentially leading to serious complications.

Our Peripheral Vascular Specialists listed on this page offer experience and expertise in helping our patients with Peripheral Vascular Disease.  We offer a number of treatment alternatives that can be customized for you during your next appointment.

Peripheral Vascular Specialists

Jose Arias, MD FACC

Rohit Bhatheja, MD

R. Charles Curry, MD FACC FACP

To learn more or to contact our practice, please call 407.894.4474 to request an appointment.