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Online Resources

Led by a team of international providers and pioneers in the field of cardiology, Florida Heart Group offers comprehensive care for a variety of cardiac diseases. We also strive to provide patients with educational information about heart conditions and the latest advancements in treatment. To learn more, please visit the links below.

American Heart Association

Extensive information on heart disease and stroke, children’s health, healthy lifestyle, care giving, a heart and stroke encyclopedia and information in Spanish make this the premier source for information on these conditions.

Mayo Clinic -- Disease and Conditions A-Z

Each topic has sections on the signs and symptoms, causes, risk factors, screening and diagnosis, complications, treatment, and when to seek medical advice.

National Heart, Lung, Blood Institute 

The NHLBI site provides extensive information on conditions that affect the heart, blood vessels, lungs and blood, as well as sleep disorders.

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)

Extensive information on neurological disorders is provided at this website. The Disorders Index provides an alphabetic list of hundreds of neurological conditions, their treatments, prognosis, clinical research and contact information for organizations concerned with the condition.

National Stroke Association

This site provides excellent information on the symptoms of stoke, risk factors, prevention and recovery.