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Stay Alert against Coronary Heart Disease

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August 16th, 2013

Angina pectoris or simply known as Angina is that condition of the heart in which a person experiences mild to severe discomfort in the chest region. It happens due to low supply of oxygen rich blood to some areas of the heart muscle. The pain may be characterised by the feeling of pressure in the chest and may also occur in other parts of the body such as the neck, arms, jaw, shoulders and back. It is seldom even mistaken as indigestion pain.

So, what causes Angina?

Angina is not a disease; it is a condition or an indication that there is something wrong with your heart that needs instant medical involvement. The pain is due to the build up of a waxy substance called plaque in the coronary arteries that carry oxygenated blood to the heart. As a result, the arteries become clogged and blood supply is adversely affected. The coronary arteries are responsible for blood supply to the heart. They supply blood to three regions of the heart – atria, ventricles and septum. The plaque accumulation is the main cause of coronary heart disease.

Is it possible to prevent the occurrence of coronary heart disease? Yes, to some extent, you can prevent and delay the development of coronary heart diseases. You can achieve this by consuming a diet rich in healthy food items that are low in sodium, refined fats and solid fats. This can delay and even prevent the development of coronary heart disease. It is important that you include healthy food items like whole grains, products that are free of fat or have low fat content, poultry without skin, seafood, lean meats, processed soy food items, nuts, seeds, beans and peas. Do exercise more often and avoid eating unhealthy food. If you are an obese person, then you are at a higher risk of developing this disease – it is must that you follow effective weight control plans.  

American Heart Association (AHA) has released useful statistics depicting that cardiovascular diseases result in the death of one American every 37 seconds. Experienced cardiologists in Florida can surely help you in the correct diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases.

Florida Heart Group has been providing medical care to victims of cardiovascular diseases since 1979. With a team of highly qualified cardiologists and medical professional, we make sure that each patient is provided with the best treatment. At Florida Heart Group, we work for the betterment of the society and aim to preserve human life.