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Life After Surviving Heart Attack

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August 21st, 2013

The people who understand heart attack warning signs early and take the right treatment on time can prevent painful stages and serious outcomes. Treatment of heart attack is possible through medications in the foremost stages and through other procedures like angioplasty and bypass grafting in severe cases. At a good Florida heart hospital, cardiologists always suggest important lifestyle changes to their patients for a healthier and better life.

A basic understanding of cardiovascular system and how it is impacted by daily lifestyle is indeed important. If you have noticed heart attack warning signs for self or anyone in your family, always consult proficient cardiology physicians in time.

Many victims of a heart attack can survive and live active and full lives. The damage to heart muscles is minimized with a timely treatment and this improves the chances for a good quality of life.

Cardiology physicians at a Florida heart hospital generally recommend the following things for patients after a heart attack:

  • Lifestyle changes – quitting smoking, taking a healthy diet, increasing physical activity and losing weight if required
  • Medicines to control chest pain, blood pressure and blood cholesterol
  • Participation in a cardiac rehabilitation program

If there are no other heart attack warning signs, victims can return to normal activities within a week or 10 days time. Different states in USA have their own rules about driving a motor vehicle after recovering from a serious illness. If permitted by the state law and also allowed by the doctor, the person can drive a car after about 15 days of treatment.

Some patients tend to feel anxious or depressed when they notice heart attack warning signs and even after the treatment for same. They may also have a hard time adjusting to their new life style. Giving up favorite foods is difficult for some people. There may be others who find it hard to live without their cigarettes and/or alcoholic drinks. Support of family and good friends is important for such people. They need to be encouraged to develop a good interest in different activities and also get over the trauma of heart attack.

In Florida, regular visits to a heart hospital for some time following a heart attack survival can also help to prevent further problems.

Florida Heart Group has a team of skilled Orlando doctors including female cardiologists for the timely diagnosis and treatment of heart problems. People with heart attack warning signs can get the safest medical treatment at Florida Heart Group.