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5 Effects of Heart Attack on your Body

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June 01st, 2013

All parts of your body require a decent and adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients in order to function properly. The function of transporting all the important nutrients and oxygen to various parts of your body is done by blood. Your heart performs the task of blood circulation, while your heart will get its required supplies from the two coronary arteries. So, if any one of the of these arteries get blocked, a portion of the heart will get damaged because of inadequacy of oxygen. This causes severe chest pain, dizziness and breathing trouble and is termed as a heart attack. Our Fl doctors are there to treat you properly.

5 Effects of Heart Attack on your Body

1. If you have a massive heart attack, then there are chances of permanent damage to the myocardium or death. The damage caused to your heart muscle is enough to disable the heart. The heart, thus, becomes incapable of regular expansion and contraction, that further leads to a number of medical complications.

2. Heart attack can also lead to a condition entailing irregular rhythm of your heartbeat, referred to as arrhythmia. This condition can weaken your heart further and might even prove to be fatal. Heart attack is also believed to cause problems in the heart valves that are responsible for controlling the direction of the blood flow. Conditions like leakages are quite serious and may even result in death.

3. Cardiology physicians also suggest that a heart attack can lead to myocardial rupture. Even though, it is not a common happening and generally shows up within the first ten days after you get the heart attack.

4. A section of the heart muscle might get ruptured due to an increase in the pressure against the weak inner walls of the heart. This pressure is increased as the heart is unable to pump out your blood effectively. This tear in heart muscle results in heavy bleeding that can be fatal.

5. Congestive heart failure is another effect of heart attack. This condition occurs when your heart becomes incapable to pump the circulating blood inside the body owing to the damage due to the attack on the left ventricles' muscles. Thus, oxygenated blood does not reach the organs of the body and gets accumulated inside the heart.

It is advised that you visit our cardiology physicians and FL doctors for a thorough physical examination. Proper care is a must to avert any future occurrence of a heart attack.